Powerset is a platform to insert and integrate all the data of your athletes into one. It allows deeper analysis and a better activities plan.
Designed to keep you connected with your athletes, Powerset improves communication and progress’ monitoring.

We will take your professionalism to the next level!

Born out of the necessity of professionals in the physical health sector to have a data integration platform.

With Poweset you can visualise and analyse all data regarding assessments, injuries and causes. In other words, it is a platform for presenting Evidence Based health informations.

Powerset allows you to visualise your work and your dedication to your athletes in a hi-tech graphic mode. Firstly it will assist you in the study and analysis of their current and previous state. Secondly it will help you in identifying the most appropriate treatment and prevention strategies.

body maP visualization

Select the region and area of pain. Choose from over 1500 diagnoses from OSIICS, the injury classification system for sports injuries and illnesses.
Add the disfunction of your evaluation and visualise it on the body map. Add measurements and analise data.
Firstly create the plan for your athletes. Secondly share it with him/her and your healthcare team. Then use the App for athletes to create automatic feedback.
Register your treatments and the exercise session or training. Allow your athletes to see it.
Monitor your athletes. Then ask them a feedback through the App for athlete.

The core of Powerset is a 3D interactive body map.

  • You can customise the body map of your athletes, recover past assessments, historical anamnesis and measurements, to analyse the state of him/her.
  • You can select a specific body part and the time frame of analysis.
  • You can visualize the evolution of the body map over an extensive time period.

31 regions with 153 areas compose the body map (based on Orchard Sports Injury and Illness Classification System).

When considering topographical criteria, specific anatomical regions correspond to particular areas of the body. This correlation makes it straightforward and intuitive to assign injuries and disorders such as strength deficits, range of motion limitations, flexibility deficits, somatic dysfunctions, previous injuries, and more.


Assess your athletes’ conditions through comprehensive reports and graphics. Conduct comparisons with their historical data and with the rest of the sports team, facilitating insightful analysis and informed decision-making. 

With Poweret, you can actively archive, monitor, and analyze the data at your disposal, enhancing your ability to make strategic decisions.


Communicate with your athletes throught the App.

Through the App they can access their profile from their mobile phone and manage the permissions to access their data. And above all they can visualise the activities plan on the dashboard, answer your monitoring questions and PROM’s.

App interface Powerset

devices integration

Integrate data from all major external hardware seamlessly into Powerset. This capability allows you to consolidate all your data in one place, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive analysis. 

Powerset supports a wide range of popular hardware integrations, providing you with a flexible and robust solution for all your data management needs.


Prepare the treatment, rehab or prevention plan, add your notes, and share it with your healthcare team. Then send automatic feedbacks.

Register all the activities and create a virtual archive.


Customise your Powerset. In the myLab section you will be able to create your protocols, treatments, evaluation and exercise forms. As well as the possibility of setting red flag risk factors.

Moreover you or your healthcare team can assign customised plans to your clients, saving time and creating your own working method.


Through the daily monitoring of scientific research Powerset is always update. So that professionals can rely on current information and best scientific evidence.