Frequently Asked Questions

Powerset is a professional software intended for all professionals who deal with the maintenance or recovery of the physical health of their athletes, therefore it is for physicians (orthopedists, sports doctors), physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports massage therapists, sport scientists, strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers and all the other healthcare professionals who work either in medical and performance teams or in private practices.

Powerset’s goal is to elevate our profession and professionalism by integrating the analysis of data related to the physical health of our ahletes to our daily work. It also wants to guarantee the professionals a management system that meets the professional standards required in the specialised and elite sports environments in association with an open, functional and flexible communication system.

Powerset allows us to respond to the rapid changes which are occurring in studies of the movement system and to the digitisation process that will occur in our work. Powerset serves us in the entry, analysis, monitoring and sharing of data related to the musculoskeletal health of our athletes. The data entry of our athletes takes place with an extremely practical modality, through interaction with a 3d body map: the body map is the core of the system and is divided into 31 regions (based on the division into body regions of the international code of injuries and illnesses osiics) and 153 areas (each region is divided into several areas). Each area has been assigned, with topographical criteria, some anatomical parts, to which injuries and disorders can be assigned (for example strength deficits, rom limitations, flexibility deficits, somatic dysfunctions, previous injuries, etc.). Once assigned to the individual anatomical parts, injuries and dysfunctions will show on the body map, located in the relative area to which the anatomical part belongs and visible in the form of a specific colour of the area, depending on the perturbation (the amount of injuries or dysfunctions) of the area itself. This visualisation will allow the operators to be able to observe the status of the athlete or the athlete through a representative image that characterises him/her and that can be studied and compared with a previous or subsequent status in order to enhance performance and decrease the risk of injuries; moreover, the image is analysed by the software through a study of the distribution of injuries and dysfunctions and will send feedback to the healthcare professional on the basis of the anatomical, kinesiological, biomechanical and reflected connections existing among the anatomical parts of the body map. The analysis does not stop at the “structure” of the human body, but also concerns other functional parameters (for example internal and external workload, instrumental measurements, proms, physical performance measures, etc.) Which will be examined, through formulas used in the medical and professional sports environments, and viewable by the operators through appropriate and dynamic charts. The analysis does not stop at the individual athlete: Powerset allows you to create groups of athletes and carry out detailed statistical analysis on the groups of individuals or teams.

Powerset is an in-cloud software, which can be subscribed to annually and is constantly updated and evolving thanks to a scientific committee continuously researching in the medical and performance fields. Powerset ensures the security of our data and those of our athletes. Furthermore, it provides an integrated historical, structural and functional analysis of objective and subjective data, operator ratings and athlete feedback. All this will allow the creation of your own professional network: through your account you will be able to connect with athletes (who will have an app available), collaborators and colleagues, to share your work and plan with them.

These are the questions we asked ourselves when we felt the need to develop a professional software:

1) how can we have a better overview of our athletes and maintain it over time? We can do it through the visualisation of a three-dimensional body map which we will have at our disposal as an intuitive, unique and fast visualisation system.

2) how can we evaluate the evolution of rehabilitation or the correct management of training loads? We can do it by starting from a detailed and customisable assessment. With Powerset’s subsequent complete analysis of the data entered we will have a global overview of the athlete; an analysis that considers the interaction between structure, function and history. Those that consider only one of the aforementioned parameters remain partial analyses.

3) since teamwork is a fundamental prerequisite for therapeutic success, how can we create a system that allows teamwork? We can do it through a system that allows a network between healthcare professionals, a system where every professional can create his/her own network of collaborations. In this way the healthcare professionals’ relationships can grow, their inter-professional communication and professionalism can improve, and their success will be more likely.

Because Powerset was created by people like you, who work within the movement system in the university, clinical and elite sports field on a daily basis, and because it covers all the professional, technical and management needs required by our work!

Our goal was to create a system of connection between the various professionals and their athletes. A system that would guarantee superiority as a whole. In addition, the movement system is complex, and a complex system needs to be analysed as a whole. That is why we chose this name, because in mathematical language Powerset stands for: “set of parts”.

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