About us

We are inspired by global experiences, fuelled by passion, study and hard work in the field of physiotherapy, sport science, data science and AI.

In 2017, our team of experienced healthcare professionals embarked on a search for an athlete management system that could effectively record, analyze, and utilize data pertaining to elite athletes. We prioritized software that would streamline reporting processes and support evidence-based practices in crafting treatment, rehabilitation, and training plans.

After thorough evaluation, we decided to develop our own solution: Powerset. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts in physiotherapy, sports science, and data science, Powerset revolutionizes athlete management by integrating physical health data to empower personalized therapeutic planning.

It facilitates collaboration among stakeholders and drives innovation in healthcare delivery and sports performance. Today, Powerset serves as an essential tool for sports organizations and healthcare practitioners, enabling precise tracking and management of elite athlete health and performance.

The Team

Federico Genovesi

CEO & Founder

Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Master in Exercise Science

Alessandro Ricci


Scientist, Expert in Quantum Complex Systems and Business Innovation

Aleksandar Kolarov


Former Professional Footballer and Sport Manager

Paulo Dybala

Board Member

Professional Footballer: 2022 FIFA World Cup Champion

Edoardo Figone

Chief Commercial Officer

Elena Pasquali

Head of Research

Alessio Rossi

Head of Software Analytics

Simone Leonardi

Head of Software Development

Giacomo Gardini

Marketing Director

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee proposes research activities, research projects and dissemination activities on the topics of physiotherapy, sport medicine, performance science, athletic training, nutrition, data science and complex systems. Each member of the Committee is a well established expert at international level.
The Scientific Committee is an independent and free organism; it supports the Board of the Company, Feel Good Plus, on strategic matters concerning the above listed scientific topics.

Andrea Perali

Director of Scientific Committee - Associate Professor at University of Camerino, Quantum Physics and AI expert

Christian Fink

Orthopedic Surgeon​, Sports Traumatology Specialist

Lorenzo Storari

Physical therapist, OMPT, Lecturer at University of Rome La Sapienza

Piero Benelli

Sport Medicine Specialist at Italian Volley National Team and Pesaro Basket​

Tindaro Bongiovanni

Head of Performance at Palermo F.C., Professor at University of Milan, IOC Sports Nutritionist